Reé of Color Imaging & Design is a graphic design agency that takes pleasure in creating adept graphic images and digital artistry. 


We take pride in what we do and do it to the best of our ability to ensure that your product comes out 110% satisfactory to your liking. 

We understand the importance of advertising whether it's for your branding identity or a promotional flyer. Everything must be done with excellence and perfection; which is something we strive for daily.

Just like our names says Reé of Color: we depict images of color, vibrancy and enthusiasm that will attract the eyes of your consumer. 
Here at Reé of Color, we bring your imagination to life!


NOTE:  **The [Reé] in Reé of Color is pronounced [Ray]***




A good body of work tells you the kind of designer you are working with. Take a look at our portfolio that we've developed over the years.



Kenton Ferguson is a dominating digital artist with a divine gift in landscape and lifestyle photography. A gift that has ushered him vulnerably into both local and international competitions and landed him the opportunity to feature in magazines like “Rising Artists” with origin in East Asia and “Art-Deco” domicile in Spain. He was previously featured in the Bahamas Tribune and received honorary distinction in competitions at The Central Bank of the Bahamas. Kenton is an inventive giant in the industry with a keen ability to translate artistic expression from mind to screen effortlessly making his work stand out from that of his counterparts. He adores the creative freedom imbedded in digital compositing and clutches the risk of bringing to life the art his mind creates. 






See what people are saying about Reé of Color Imaging & Design. 

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"Kenton was incredible during this entire process, he is a consummate professional and extremely talented. Our project together was not an easy one but he was patient throughout the entire process, creative and went above and beyond to complete my magazine. Kenton is an expert, but what I appreciated the most about his work is that he did more than he was asked to, that really showed me that he is committed to excellent work."

- Alpha Bangura. New York, USA

“Kenton is hardworking and gave his best to my project. I'm hoping to work with him again in the near future.”

- Francis Aniweta. Sweden

"Kenton Ferguson is a complete and total professional that meets the clients needs. The project isn't complete unless the client is satisfied. He is very efficient and creative. He can work with little to nothing and make a masterpiece out of it. One thing I can definitely say about Kenton is he knows time. He meets any deadline that you give him no matter how tight it may be." 

- Trevor Johnson. The Bahamas

I reached out to Rée of Color Imaging & Design and spoke to a graphic artist named, Kenton.  I needed a logo for my brand. I told him what I wanted it to look like and hoped that he could see my vision. Well, I must say he superseded my expectations on the first try and I was more than pleased. From there, I had him design my business cards and flyers and now we are working on my website!

- Tara Miller. The Bahmas

I am an artist myself so whenever I am trying to find another artist to do specific work for me, I try to see who is a fluid thinker and who works outside of the box. I had been looking for a designer for several months, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet my criteria or taste. Finally, I was surfing and I ran across this beautiful design of what seemed to be a logo of sorts. It held my attention. The name of the company also held my attention. It was called Reé of Color and the design of the logo was nothing I had seen before. That was when I knew I had found the right designer.  After reviewing my  requirements, Kenton sent me a few proposals and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Most importantly, each modification introduced that special detail that makes all the difference. Needless to say, I was satisfied with the final results. We have been friends and business associates ever since. Thanks Kenton. You are a gifted soul placed on this earth to make the unusual real.

- Paul Tomlinson. Kingston, Jamaica

"He worked with me through several ideas until we got it right. He was adamant with me being satisfied with the product. Kenton is very polite, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt in response time as well as delivery. Many thanks, my friend!"

- Jason Hickstation. Florida, USA

"Reé of Color is very professional. They develop great ideas in such a short space of time. I recommend them 100% to anyone looking for a design team. You won't be disappointed!"

- Carlos David R. Spain



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